Our Advantage- A Cut Above the Best...

  • Wider Range of Products.

  • Foundry Capacity 3500 Tons per year.

  • Centralized Location in the heart of india.

  • Well Equiped Re-engineering Center.

  • Abundant Skilled and Knowledge,efficient and cost effective manpower base.

  • Well Equipped Production Lines.

  • Positioned to be a Manufacturing base batch production, Low Marging Products.

  • Focus on Critical value added operations.

  • Work Towards Zero Defects.

  • Focus on Prevention rather than correction.

Commitment to Quality & Reliability

Our Range of Products Caters to Literally Every application of Diesel, Petrol and CNG Feuled Engines for Earthmovers, Tractors combines, Trailers, Trucks, Commerical Vehicles, Power Generators, Passenger Vehicles.

Vintage Cars, Marine Applications and so forth.

We have zero defect programs across all sections of the company which is an essential element for sustained development and growth.

Our Facility which is based our in Bhiwadi , India is a one stop shop for all the function of manufacturing, quality control , packaging and delivery.

Under the same Roof our state of the art facility takes care of molding, sand casting, Finish machining, Inspection, Packing and delivering so the products are dispatch ready to use heads and Engine Blocks, hence ensuring better control over production and effective co-ordination for unmatched quality.