Mr CK Kuvar, Managing Director of Orient PCL Pvt Ltd, an engineer by heart and mind, did his MTech in Mechanical Engineering in the year 2008.

It is said that engineers are success oriented, but “success” means different thing to different people. Success for some is an idea becoming reality, for some an idea becoming a profitable business.

After completing his MTech, he worked for a couple of companies at senior-most levels but there always was a vacuum in his life which never got filled by working at the pre-defined work and role. His definition of an engineer was very simple: The more experience and the more science are there, the more rational an engineer will be because an engineer is a combination of three things: Art, Science and Experience.

Doing justice to this philosophy Mr Kuvar became a self-made entrepreneur at a very young age, and launched his own company by the name of Orient PCL Pvt Ltd, which manufactures Pollution Control Equipments and proved that , “an engineer mind is always purpose driven, which when mixed with business can deliver outstanding result”. The company has state of the art facility and a tremendous workforce which complements the entire setup of a very competitive, energetic and a dynamic company.

In a very short span of time, he has developed a reputation for Orient PCL Pvt Ltd, for completing work to highest standard while remaining with deadlines and budgets and has a very loyal and happy customer list to boast off. Orient PCL under the leadership of Mr Kuvar has successfully completed projects for companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hero, Saint-Gobain, Hyundai, Honda Logistics, DLF, Honda Logistics, Uno Minda, PowerGrid, BKT, etc… to name a few.

Not limiting himself to just making Pollution Control Equipments, Mr Kuvar has also stormed the field of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) by establishing himself as a leader in the manufacturing of Cylinder Heads & Engine Blocks. Ritika Exports Pvt Ltd is another venture in the OEM market, and the company has spread its wings across the globe in the supply of the same.

Expressing his thoughts about the future, Mr Kuvar keeps it very straight. “I am a potter, give me a piece of Iron and watch it taking shape and coming to life”